Don Suave’ – Laws (Snippet) prod by Don Suave’

L.O. – Flowers Cards and Candy (F.C.C.). feat Don Suave’ (prod by Don Suave’)

L.O. – Flowers Cards and Candy (F.C.C.). feat Don Suave” (prod by Don Suave’)

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe Remix (VA Anthem) Thad Reid x Don Suave x Blizo

“LAX” – #TrunkMobTuesday featuring Notorious B.I.G. #RIP

This beat available for purchase from the Trunkmob website

Drake – #SidePieces – Official Remix ( Instrumental ) **2014**

Using NLP and Cursing in Your Songwriting

MidiBoi Suavelog 6

#Laws – “Luck”

#Laws: Be the First

[youtube value=”q2qc-DmwQ8A” width=570 height=365 ] “101% of the time……. It’s better to the the FIRST…. Than it is to be the BEST…. Don’t get it twisted… If you’re not first your LAST.” Coca Cola will always sell more than Pepsi Cola, no matter how many taste tests that Pepsi does.  They’ve proven that their product […]